The Czech Greenkeepers Association provides training for its members on many levels.

In its activity, it seeks to coordinate education in the Czech Republic with a European-wide initiative of FEGGA, which supports the emergence of three levels of education:

  1. Greenkeeper
  2. Head Greenkeeper
  3. Course manager

Currently, there are the following options for expanding knowledge:

A. The basic element of CSG training is preparation for the partial qualification test Greenkeeper Code: (41-001-M), which has been recognized since 2011 by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education and is included in the national system of liquidation. For the possibility of passing a partial qualification exam or attending a greenkeeper course, please follow this link.

B. One of the most important places for Greenkeeper education is a seminar, linked to an annual conference that takes place regularly in the winter months. The union’s patrons are also present during the seminar and meetings of the majority of the members are held at the General Meeting of the CSG.

C. Since 2008, there has been the possibility of primary education for green-school students in secondary education. Learn more in the Secondary Education for Greenkeepers. Secondary education in greenkeeping should correspond to Level 1 of the European System, greenkeeper.

D. Courses “Green Education” take place with the support of the European Social Fund in several regions of the Czech Republic. Find out more in the “Green Education“.

E. “Opportunities Abroad” is a section where you will learn how to go to school or practice abroad, thanks to excellent relationships with foreign organizations and schools.

F. “Retraining“.

G. Webinars 2020

G. Webinars 2021