The FEGGA conference 2019

The FEGGA conference took place this year on 19 February. to 21.2. in Italy in Rome. Golf in Italy is a popular sport and this corresponds to a number of courses (about 360) and mainly the quality of the players, especially with reference to last year’s players in the RYDER CUP 2018 tournament. In 2022, RYDER CUPU Italy will host the Marco Simone golf resort, FEGGA 2019 was held at the conference. Attending the conference was an interesting presentation (the current Tweety of the conference), which will be discussed in more detail on the pages of our Green magazine and will be available after publication on the FEGGA website and also on our In the photo gallery you will find the current photo from the conference.

Finished the Seminar and Conference ČSG 2019

On the premises of the Czech Technical University in Prague, a traditional two-day seminar, with which ČSG joined its 20th annual conference, took place from 30th to 31st January. Present welcomed Czechoslovak President Michal Voigts and union secretary Karel Kubat, the ALE Libecajt greeting the ČGF event and the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Prague prof. Dr. Ing. František Kumhála, Head of the Department of Machinery of the Technical Faculty. Continue reading „Finished the Seminar and Conference ČSG 2019“

Important events of the ČSG held in January 2019

Important events of the ČSG held in January 2019

Course – Grass biotope microscopy – January 2019

Date: 8.1.2019

Location: Brno, Mendel University in Brno – Faculty of Agronomy

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Program: http: //


Hydraulics Course – Czech Technical University in Prague (Prague – Suchdol)

Date: 29.1.2019

Location: Prague Suchdol, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Prague – Suchdol) – circular hall

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Program: http: //


SEMINAR AND CONFERENCE of the Czech Greenkeeper Association 2019

Date: 30.1.2019 – 31.1.2019

Location: Prague – Suchdol, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague – circular hall

Electronic Application: https: //

Program: http: http: http: //

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