The dates of events organized by ČSG for summer, autumn, winter 2018/2019

The dates of events organized by ČSG for summer, autumn, winter 2018/2019 can be found at under the heading ACTION.
In the autumn of October – November, we are planning an innovated Hidraulica course in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague – Technical Faculty. The course will be published as soon as possible.

Ryder Cup – Le Golf National – France

Ryder Cup – Le Golf National – France

This is a wonderful opportunity for a greenkeeper to be part of golf’s most prominent golfing event, and also the third largest sporting event in the World. FEGGA, and its supporting Partners, Jacobsen and Le Golf National are able to offer this wonderful opportunity for a greenkeeper to work as part of the greenkeeping team during part or the whole of September in the lead up and during the 2018 Ryder Cup.

You’ll be able to increase your greenkeeping skills, increase your motivation and engagement within the industry, and gain from considerably from this unique Greenkeeper experience.

You can look forward to the following:

*             It will provide unique hands on experience at preparing and

maintaining the Albatross Course at Le Golf National, both before and during the Ryder Cup Matches.

*             Will combined with educational sessions, and career development

clinics led by leading teachers in our industry.

*             To develop new skills & experience

*             The opportunity to experience new challenges and problem-solving

*             Reflection and re-evaluation of the challenges of the job position

*             To become a more influential person

This opportunity also builds on one of the strong missions of FEGGA of

“Bringing people and Organisations together”


The Greenkeeper /Superintendent being selected will have:

*             All accommodation and food provided during your stay

*             Will be supplied with a Ryder Cup uniform

*             Travel from home to Le Golf National will be covered

All applicants are required to:

*             The applicant must have at least two years of experience at their

present golf club and be a member of their National Greenkeeper Association for a minimum of two years.

*             They should be capable of keeping records and writing reports.

*             Confirm they will conduct themselves to the highest possible

standard while on site adhering to The Le Golf National rules and regulations and codes of work practices during their stay

The funding of this Greenkeeper Experience Programme has been made available by our partner Jacobsen, who have recognised this as an outstanding opportunity for Assistant Greenkeepers looking to further develop their careers.

All applications to be submitted through an official application form by using the link below and sent directly to Dean Cleaver (Executive Officer) at <>




Deadline for the application is 11th May 2018

Dean Cleaver

Executive Officer


Tel: +44 (0)1789 762912


Web:  <>


The FEGGA conference in 2018 took place in the capital Bulgaria – Sofia

The FEGGA conference in 2018 took place in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. This destination was deliberately chosen because the BGGA led by Yavor Atanasova has been very active in the FEGGA for the last few years, and this conference was a clear signal from the Bulgarian Greenkeeper on the road to integration with Europe and for deeper cooperation within the FEGGA. Especially for neighboring countries where the greenkeeping and golf industry are at the beginning of the journey, this is a very strong signal. The main topic of the conference “Management For The Future” was the selection of the place. The Czech Greenkeeper Association was attended by Czechoslovak President Michal Voigts and Secretary of the Union Karel Kubat. Kamil Pechenko, as President of FEGGA, was also present and started and moderated the conference. At the beginning of the conference, he presented the presentation of Yavor Atanasov in which he introduced the present with the state of golf and greenkeepinku in 7.2 million Bulgaria. In order to create a picture of Bulgarian golf it can be said that BGGA was founded in 2007 and became a member of FEGGA in 2008, currently has 35 members. Golf in Bulgaria is played on 8 playgrounds, with only 850 golfers registered. Bulgarian golf courses are close to Sofia and the Black Sea. These two areas form the backbone structure in this beautiful country, which is heading for miles to Europe. However, it is also necessary to write that the golf industry is based mainly on tourism and domestic players are few. Having fun in this context of the massive expansion of golf in this country is indeed a naked utopia in the short run, and the structure of the ministries is subject to rapid developments in all the states of the former Eastern Bloc. The need for the construction of low-budget playgrounds for the general public will be alpha and omega in the future so that Bulgarian golf does not start to overheat and it is not just sport for the elite. The main topic of the conference was focused on the future of golf, and for success and efficiency, the responsible management of golf resorts should be considered. Paul Worster spoke in detail about this issue. Emphasis was put on more efficient use of information technology to make information more user-friendly and faster (www, social media FB, TWITTER and others, e-mail, e-learning). Emma Ballard (media8) also briefly spoke about this in this circle. Good reasoning for our association is that the vast majority of these information and communication tools are integrated into our site In his short entry Steve Isaac of Rand was also in correlation with others. His performance outlined a global vision of access to golf courses maintenance over the next 15 years. Another important area of ​​the presentations was the environmental theme, distance learning in eLearning education very similar to ČSG in the Moodle environment. A new feature here was the presentation of on-line education in practice – a webinar. At the end of the conference, there was a very intense discussion on the issue of robotics and the use of the Internet of things in golf and especially greenkeepinku. This technological trend is already practiced in agriculture and methodically these processes are already implemented in greenkeepinku. These are elements of precision farming. It is good to emphasize that these procedures were presented at the Greenkeeper Winter School 2017 in Lednice na Moravě. The goal is to keep the playground more efficient and strenuous. These are smart technologies that are already available, and for their own efficiency, they will need to be integrated within networks (Internet, GSM, wifi, etc.). Within the FEGGA’s own annual FEGGA member meeting, the FEGGA 2017 was also evaluated and debited, and the direction for 2018 was presented. Kamil Pechenko at that meeting called for the dismissal of President FEGGA because of his new work activities that did not allow him to work as President FEGGA. At this European forum, our Union President, Michal Voigts, thanked Kamil Pechenko, as a long-time colleague, a study colleague and a friend for his exemplary work in the CSG, as well as for a great representation of the Czech Greenkeepin in the European field and, together with other delegates, career successes. Paul Worster was elected new president of FEGGA, and Martin Nilsson from Denmark was elected to the committee. Martina is very well acquainted with the presentations at our seminar at the CUL in Prague in 2017. Paul Worster thanked the CSG for support. Contact and more information:, Green 1/2018

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