CSG 2020 Seminar and Conference is over

A traditional two-day professional seminar was held at the CULS Prague in Suchdol from 12 to 13 February, with which the CSG joined its 21st annual conference (election – election of a new supervisory board). The participants were welcomed by the union chairman Michal Voigts and secretary Karel Kubata. Dominik Maršík greeted for the CGF and TF Jiří Mašek for the CULS in Prague. Our and foreign experts gave their lectures in the circular hall (Faculty of Engineering). The CSG is celebrating its 20th anniversary these days and considerable attention has been paid to this. MORE

Significant ČSG events at the beginning of 2020

During the month of February, important events of our association will take place.

11.2. 2020 Course Hydraulics 2020

12.2 and 13.2. 2020 Seminar and conference ČSG 2020

Detailed programs and application registration forms are available HERE

Karel Kubata

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